Optional But Handy Features You May Want In Your New Kitchen Refrigerator

Kitchen refrigerators come in so many different styles and configurations now that it's possible to choose one to fit your lifestyle and your family's needs. While you may primarily choose a unit based on price or the style of doors, there are some extra features you may want to know about before you make your buying decision. Here's a look at some handy features you might want.

A Convertible Freezer Compartment

Sometimes you need more refrigerator space than you do freezer space, like when you're stocking up for a party. When that's the case, you can adjust the setting and turn your freezer into a refrigerator compartment when you need it. If you have a separate freezer, you may want the extra refrigerator space all the time, but if you ever need more freezer space, you can change the setting again. This allows you to adjust the appliance to meet your changing needs.

Power Chill Or Power Freeze

Your food stays fresher longer when the temperature in your refrigerator stays constant. When you bring home groceries that aren't chilled, such as soda or water bottles, those can make the temperature inside a little warmer. Putting in hot or warm food after a meal has the same effect. With a power chill setting, the warm food or drinks are chilled down fast so the temperature inside the unit stays constant. Some models regulate the settings by themselves to keep the temperature and humidity at the ideal points automatically.

A power freeze feature has a similar function in the freezer compartment. It freezes or chills things you want cold in a hurry. If you put soda cans or beer in the freezer to get them cold after you buy them, you can speed up the process with the power freeze feature.

A Smart Hub

A smart hub is a fun feature your family might enjoy. This turns your refrigerator into a smart appliance that plays music, creates grocery lists, responds to your questions, and follows your commands. It connects to different smart home systems so you can use the AI that you're familiar with. A smart refrigerator is an ideal match if you love technology and like having the latest and best innovations.

Competition between appliance makers has given rise to many choices in door styles, shelving, water dispensers, drawers, lighting, and other features in refrigerators. You'll want to do some research into various models and take your time looking over the appliances in a showroom so you choose the perfect model that fits your kitchen and lifestyle.